Restaurant Grüner Baum

Home on the plate

Home to bite

The idea of "Home on the plate" is to bring regional products to the menu and to the kitchens. Our CEO, Hans-Peter Eberhard, has been particularly committed to this community. Members are farmers' farms, regional producers, fine butcheries, direct marketers, beekeepers, fishermen - in all companies, people with heart blood and passion are working for the people and to preserve our natural and cultural landscape.

The good is so close, we just have to rediscover it. Farm market instead of supermarket - carp instead of sushi - also this helps to maintain the home. Our awareness of preserving regional operations and our quality of life is a protection against the ubiquitous global seducers.

Our kitchen team prefers the products of the "Home on the plate" member companies. Taste the difference and enjoy the real, unadulterated!

home on the plate