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From Hersbruck you can go into the Sittenbachtal and from the distance you can see our hotel and restaurant. It offers warm hospitality, a cozy atmosphere and a friendly service. Feast at the restaurant, organize your meeting or seminars or celebrate weddings, birthdays and other festive occasions.

The location and ambience of our hotel will enchant you. The view of the green hills and meadows is simply fantastic. They feel far away from everyday life and relax from the first minute.

The service

Large reception area

Booking until 9 pm

Telefone +49 9151 60956-0

Several meeting rooms

Moderators equipement

All-round support

Great festive hall

Up to 105 people

Additional rooms

Main house

House "Kräutergarten"


Regional leisure offers

Hiking, biking, thermal baths, jogging, climbing, the Nürnberger Land is unique in many ways. High mountains, over 600 meters high mountains, caves, gorges, romantic valleys, burgers, over 2000 km of well-marked hiking trails, the nature has not saved with us with charms.

Franconian cuisine

Own herb garden

Several guest rooms




Seasonal kitchen

Seasonal offers

Dance events